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Roan Swierkowski

Shiatsu & Body psychotherapy

In a world full of tension and uncertainty, I would like to accompany people on the path to their strength and calm, their joy of life and clarity in body and mind.

Ich liebe Prozessarbeit  mit unbewussten inneren Anteilen & Widerständen. Damit können wir unseren authentischen "Ich-Raum" klar definieren, und Vertrauen in uns selbst und unsere authentische Erfahrung gewinnen.


Das "sich selbst definieren" ist ein innerer Prozess der uns unsere Grenzen und unser "Nein" auch  auf der körperlichen Ebene wahrnehmen lässt.


Somit entsteht ein klares Feedback zwischen Kopf und Körper dem wir ganz vertrauen können.  



     Shiatsu & body psychotherapy

I have been seeing Rowan for Shiatsu for the past two years, she has been an amazing support during and after my pregnancy. I truly recommend to try Shiatsu with Rowan. She is a wonderful intuitive and experienced therapist. She really knew what I needed! Thank you!!! 

- Monika de Ioanni


Rowan's Shiatsu sessions are simply wonderful! I completely relaxed and felt as if 10kg of weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I left the treatment feeling at ease. It's great to have a therapist who is compassionate, knowledgeable and has a wealth of knowledge about alternative nutrition and healing modalities!

- Gemma Bone

Rowan really helped me through a difficult time I was having. She has warmth and compassion and even though I went for the Shiatsu I found that the Somatic Coaching was of the greatest benefit. However the combination with Shiatsu was amazing, it is all very powerful stuff. I think that you would struggle to find a more generous and caring practitioner.

- Sabine Hellmann


0176 44250078   |

Am Schragen 32, 14469 Potsdam  

Danke für die Nachricht!

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