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Psychosomatic coaching

“When we focus on feeling better, we experience short-term relief. When we focus on feeling everything, we heal.”  Scott Kiloby

With somatic psychotherapy, your beliefs stop being the source of your suffering, and turn into the source of your healing.

Somatic processing allows you to connect with your body in a completely new way, sensing and resolving unconscious emotional charge and resistance. 

When we learn to feel a greater range of sensations and emotions in a safer way, we increase our capacity to resolve inner conflict, leaving us with a feeling of deep peace and inner clarity. 

During our session, old traumas, emotions and pain are not experienced from the perspective of suffering, but are processed from the perspective of holding space and secure self-regulation. 

My sessions integrate various elements from NLP, EFT, vagus nerve regulation with the tools of the "inside out path", developed by Scott Kiloby & Dan McLintock, particularly focusing on trauma and addiction recovery.

When we heal, even when it involves feeling painful feelings, there is also  a big “yes” inside of us. A yes that confirms us and encourages us in the healing process, and you will leave here with a sense of peace and clarity.


With the right support, you can address your pain in such a way that the feeling of “rightness” can be felt. It's like cleaning out an old closet full of memorabilia. It can be uncomfortable at first, but at the same time you feel great relief and clarity.

I want to help you clean out your memory closet and  In this process, we meet each other in a completely new, profound way. Because inner clarity helps us to be able to perceive our limits and therefore to be able to relate more authentically. If we create this inner space, we can grow with the flow of life instead of fighting against it internally.


With Psychosomatic coaching I cover topics such as:

  • emotional injuries, unresolved childhood traumas 

  • suppressed feelings such as anger, sadness, blame – towards yourself and others

  • emotional stress due to chronic illness and pain (gastrointestinal diseases & metabolic disorder HPU)

  • Emotional triggers that cause conflict in our relationships

  • Feelings of inferiority and negative beliefs

  • Stress in social situations and at work

  • Dependencies and addictive behavior of all kinds

  • depressive moods, clinical depression 

  • Difficulty setting boundaries and making decisions

  • Spiritual search


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