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Zen Shiatsu 

is a Japanese body therapy that uses sensitive touch with the stimulation of acupressure points & Connects energy meridians.

Shiatsu massage is wonderfully suitable as an accompanying therapy for psychological and emotional stress, exhaustion and chronic pain, as well as during pregnancy. Tensions are released, joints are mobilized and the body's own healing powers are activated. During the treatment you will lie comfortably on a futon.



Shiatsu is a Japanese acupressure massage and means “finger pressure”. It combines thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine healing knowledge with modern Western massage techniques.

In Shiatsu we experience the “body as a translator of the soul into the visible” (Morgenstern), because the body's trauma language not only consists of emotions and memories, but is also expressed in physical tension and chronic pain.

Over time, our body acquires certain coping strategies and posture patterns. However, these mental-physical connections often remain unrecognized. I accompany you in a resource-oriented manner, with careful and respectful touch, helping you to reflect and find inner strength.


Shiatsu first established itself as a healing art in Japan at the beginning of the 19th century and found its way to Europe in the early 1970s. Through a combination of massage, stretches and acupressure based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you can:


the blood,  Stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, improves the body's mobility, stimulates the autonomic nervous system and has a balancing effect on heart rate, breathing and muscle tone.


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