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My background

Years ago when I started learning Taichi, Qigong & when I came into contact with Shiatsu, I felt for the first time on my own body that, beyond our Western worldview, there are healing systems that are thousands of years old for which energetic self-experience and treatment are completely natural.


Since then, I have dedicated myself to holistic body therapy and am researching ways in which I can “inhabit” my body in a more lively and empathetic way.

For me, our search for honest connection with our feelings and needs, and accepting ourselves as we are right now is the basis of every healing process.

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Heilen ist nicht dasselbe wie der Versuch, Leiden loszuwerden. Das Leiden verschwindet auf natürliche Weise, wenn man unterdrückte Emotionen bewusst macht und dem Körper erlaubt, sie zu verarbeiten.

My therapeutic approach

In psychosomatic treatments I combine my 20 years of experience in body therapy with process-oriented psychotherapy & Trauma healing processes. I provide support empathetically and at eye level with a focus on authentic conflict resolution. You are welcome as you are and find clarity and relief for your body  & Soul.


Fragen beantworte ich gern in einem telefonischen Beratungsgespräch. All therapies are also available in English.


After my nursing training in Berlin, I moved to Scotland for many years, where I discovered my greatest passion, body therapy, with 4 years of Shiatsu training. 

On my therapeutic path, many training courses supplemented my understanding of “body therapy” such as trigger point massage, hot stone massage, Thai & Lomi Lomi massage, foot reflexology, fascia release, lymphatic drainage, Kundalini yoga, Feldenkrais & Somatic Embodiment Training, Contact Improvisation Dance.

A serious health turning point in my life took me to London in 2011, where I completed a 2-year master's degree in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Hypnotherapy, at the Phil Parker Academy, with a focus on stress & Completed trauma therapy.

When I arrived back in Germany, I completed my degree as a state-recognized alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Berlin in 2018. 

Since 2021, I have been treating with a combination of Shiatsu and body psychotherapy to help clients perceive inner resistance, conflicts and repressed feelings and to resolve them in an authentic and empathetic  physical process. 

Therapeutic training

Somatic body psychotherapy & coaching for trauma & addiction support. Scott Kiloby, Kiloby Inquiry, Florida, US August 2021-January 2023 Shiatsu & the art of presence – Carola Beresford-Cook, School for Zen Shiatsu, Berlin, June 2018 Integrative Psychotherapy, Christoph Mahr Institute, Berlin, September 2017 Qualification as a state-certified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, June 2018 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Sahey Academy UK, Feb 2015 – Dec 2015 Treating Trauma with Shiatsu & TCM, Clifford Andrews, Norwich, 2014 Somatic Embodiment Foundation Training, Embodied Presence, Bristol, 2013 Diploma & Masters in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life coaching, Phil Parker Training Academy, London 2011-2013 Trigger Point Massage & Myofascial Release ‘Jing Massage’, Brighton 2010 Movement-Shiatsu, SEED, School for Experimental Training, Bill Palmer, Bathgate 2009-10 Thai Yoga Massage, Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2009 Shiatsu diploma* at the Shiatsu School Edinburgh (TSSE), 2001-04 *(recognized by the Shiatsu Society UK and the Society for Shiatsu, Germany, GSD) Registered General Nurse (2001-2004) and specialist nurse for urology, Edinburgh (2005-2010)


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