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Reconnecting with ourselves through somatic-based inquiry

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

“You will never find the love your parents couldn’t or didn’t give you. They tried their best. It's gone, it's lost.

It was gone and lost for them too.

And although we spend most of our life's trying to find it in someone or something else, the only place we can truly discover that love is when we learn to turn inwards and establish a safe connection with ourselves.

With somatic-based inquiry, anger, fear, hurt and sadness can show us the way home, and the source of our suffering - our deficiency stories and beliefs - can turn into the source of our healing.

Most of us have never experienced a safe environment that allowed ourselves to feel everything and trust our emotions fully. We grew up in a world that taught us to distract

ourselves, to suppress, to disconnect, to run away and judge, what was too painful to feel in the absence of an emphatic witness.

With somatic-based inquiry you can learn tools that help you uncover and transform suppressed emotions and tension, and to find unconditional love for all the parts that you have been judging before.

​When we learn to inquire skilfully, we can move through layers of physical tension, mental judgement and emotional resistance into vulnerable places and our body releases and processes long forgotten emotions, we can simultaneously discover acceptance and unconditional “self-love” within us, that reaches our heart through all the pain and from beyond all the trauma of our life and this world. It’s a gentle love and an authentic acceptance of ourselves that offers true peace, and a softening of our very being.

With somatic inquiry tools I am offering you a safe space to invite difficult emotions and to feel EVERYTHING, while your mind becomes an emphatic witness, so you can experience how it feels, when there is nothing you need to “solve” or “fix”, when there is nothing you need to improve or run from. When your body finds peace underneath the layer of pain and hurt.

Somatic processing teaches your mind to listen inwards and trigger buried and unconscious sensations, emotions and thoughts it goes way beyond "mindfulness" and meditation. It will redefine your relationship with everything that you have come to judge as somehow dysfunctional or broken or hopeless.

When we release old trauma charge, we become less triggered and can relate to others with more calm and clarity. Authentic boundaries are not driven by anger but are defined by emotional clarity. As we learn to receive clear “body-feedback” we start to recognise our individual somatic “Yes” or “No” and we become clearer in our decisions.

And only when we process emotions that have acted as guardians and "gate keepers" - our hidden shame, hate and fear - can addictions truly start to fall away and chronic tension and pain can ease - until then, they will act to protect us from whatever feels unsafe to feel.

Only when the unconscious suppression of emotions can lift, do we get a real chance to be truly free to feel alive with what is. Whether it is a joy or a pain. Because the goal was never to "be happy" or safe, but to come home to our authentic Self.

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