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The long way to authentic self-love

(vs unconscious sabotaging ourselves because of our need for safety & love from outside)


You don't get to actually choose your emotions or how you feel.

You only get to be more or less honest about how you feel.

We often try to manipulate our emotions: "I shouldn't feel ungrateful, I have a great job and family " or "I shouldn't be angry, he's done so much for me over the years".

Whenever we say "I shouldn't feel X" you can be damn sure that's exactly how you feel!

But we're only hurting ourselves. When we're less honest, we're rejecting a part of ourselves. And it's incredibly painful to resist what is true for us.

The more honest we are, by contrast, the more whole, aligned and in integrity we feel.

Being honest about how your feel is a first class life-hack, without which I don't think a truly happy life is possible.

That doesn't mean we throw our anger about the place every time something happens, only that we acknowledge the truth of how we feel in the moment and let ourselves feel it, without acting it out.

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